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How the CARIFY platform helps SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM to rent out 250 vehicles on a subscription basis.

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Luca Spalletta

"We have already been able to rent out 250 cars through CARIFY and car subscriptions are now an integral part of our business model."

Who is the Schloss-Garage?

SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM, with its locations in Winterthur and Bonau, is the largest brand representative for Abarth and Alfa Romeo in Switzerland. SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM employs around 20 people at its two locations, who have celebrated various successes in recent years, such as the Eurotax Award as the best used car dealer in Switzerland in 2019. SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM was one of the first Swiss garages to incorporate the Auto Abo business model into its daily business.

How has the demand for cars changed and what challenges arose for SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM?

With the advent of new technical possibilities, customer demand also changed. Thus, digitalisation also changed the car sales market, with the emergence of new types of car ownership such as the car subscription. This new form of rental presented SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM with various challenges:  

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New sales channel on the internet: Digitalisation is changing buyer behaviour and more and more transactions are being concluded on the internet. This trend is most noticeable for consumer goods, but is also steadily gaining in importance for more expensive goods.

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High administrative effort: The processing of bookings causes a great deal of effort, as a wide variety of documents have to be checked and made available. In addition, support for existing customers is another major cost factor.

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Large number of competitors: The car subscription market is growing rapidly and all the big players in the industry are positioning themselves and investing in specialised companies to keep up with their competitors.

Meanwhile, to meet these challenges, only two solutions exist. On the one hand, SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM could have developed a system itself and hired additional staff. On the other hand, there was the possibility of tackling these challenges with a specialised partner platform such as CARIFY.

How has SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM already benefited from the cooperation with CARIFY?

The cooperation with CARIFY has various advantages for SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM. The free platform offers various tools that reduce the administrative effort for the garage to a minimum. The services offered include:

Settlement of claims:
CARIFY takes over the entire processing of damages with the insurance company and the customers. Thus, the garage can concentrate on the repair and generate aftersales revenue.

Generate your own used cars: New cars can be advertised on the platform and by renting them out, they are brought into a more attractive price segment and subsequently sold better.

Correspondence with customers:
All communication with customers is handled by CARIFY, this saves the garage costs for staff and brings the possibility to use resources for the main business.

Attractive platform:
The platform has a large reach and therefore appeals to many potential customers. This minimises the costs for advertising and at the same time suggests one's own products to a large target group.

Payment processing and credit check:
A detailed credit check is carried out for each booking and payment is secured by CARIFY. For SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM, the complicated accounting process is omitted and the risk is borne by CARIFY.

Operating the dealer profile is super easy:
The price can be set for each vehicle individually and if a large number of vehicles are to be made available, this can be done simply by uploading a file. As an additional service, the CARIFY Account Management Team is always available to answer questions and guide you through all processes.

Interview with Nico Gehrig 

What conclusion does SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM draw from the cooperation with CARIFY?

Within two years, SCHLOSS-GARAGE.COM has proven that the Auto Abo business case works for you as a garage and that CARIFY offers you the optimal conditions to keep the process as simple as possible while maintaining a high quality standard. Since the launch in August 2020, the following key figures have been achieved (as of 01.07.2022):

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Nico Gehrig

"There is a great team behind CARIFY with whom we are in close exchange and the product is constantly developing!"

Total number of subscriptions: 250
Total number of customers : 230
Active subscriptions: 151 
Vehicles sold: 119 
Monthly turnover: approx. CHF 75'000
Average turnover per car/month: CHF 500

How do I become a CARIFY partner myself?

Becoming a partner is super easy. Simply contact us via our website or by phone and let our sales team advise you. The only things you need to bring along are vehicles and motivation to help shape the mobility of tomorrow.

Don't hesitate and become a subscription provider today!

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